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The debut album „Essence“ created by the artist Monia takes you on a journey into your own being.

On the 30.9. Monia’s first studio album will be released by Timezone Records. The 13 soul songs produced in collaboration with Adax Dörsam flow directly from the soul of the singer and get under the skin of the listeners.

The content is gospel, the music soul, wrapped with ethnic influences, jazz elements and a lot of love for self created music. Sometimes tender, sometimes vibrant, playful and carefree. Melodies and lyrics that spring from the heart and flow back into the heart, like an infinite healing cycle. A soul embrace that gives us hope and strength and reminds us that we are powerful creative beings.

Adax Dörsam’s feeling for music blends wonderfully with Monia’s messages. „Essence“ is an album with depth and the courage to confess. A journey of discovery of one’s own being and a return to the essential, especially in these times.

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MONIA „Essence“ aus Debüt-Album

MONIA „Magical Jugle“

MONIA in Zurich radio Interview at Radio15

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